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Should I Follow Google Ads Recommendations?

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
January 11, 2024

The recommendations that we find in the Google Ads interface is a section where you will find tips to, according to Google, improve your performance and raise the optimization percentage of the account. In this post we ask ourselves, should you trust Google and blindly accept all the recommendations? Although there are some obvious benefits of using Google Search Ads campaigns, there are a few things we should keep an eye on.

Google Ads Optimization Scrore (Optiscore)
Google Ads Optimization Scrore (Optiscore)

This section warns of different problems, suggests adding extensions, ads, explains changes and new features in the operation of Google Ads and how to take advantage of them to achieve more efficient campaigns, proposes changes in bids, improvements in ads, new keywords or changes in keywords.


By following the proposed recommendations, the degree of optimization will improve, which leads us to believe that it will achieve a superior performance, although this premise is not always fulfilled. That is to say, a higher percentage of optimization of the account does not imply better results. Here we explain why.


  1. Suggests new keywords that may not be appropriate, by mentioning terms such as competition, which may not be the idea because it raises the CPC or is not consistent with your strategy.

(We are not suggesting that all proposals are useless, but that by being created automatically they may not make sense).


  1. Propose to eliminate redundant or useless keywords, we suggest before doing so to have tested them to see how they work over time and if it is not going to leave the account without enough keywords.


  1. Suggests changes in bids, before doing so you should review it is convenient in depth and not blindly trust the suggestion.


  1. It proposes you to add assests to your ads but as the new keywords, as they have been made automatically, they are usually of low quality, very repetitive and not very relevant. Using them is not advisable, even if Google scores better your ads will not be well perceived in general by users. To create ads or get new ideas we suggest you try Dolnai's AdCreator, where many more factors are taken into account to create inspiring, creative ads that get more conversions.


  1. Suggest to convert keywords in broad match, make sure if it is suitable for you, for that we recommend you to read this article about the Risks of adding keywords in broad match.


There are indisputable suggestions; negatives with keyword conflict, ad group alerts without ads or keywords, deprecated elements, etc. 


In conclusion, it is advisable to frequently review Google's recommendations that alert you of changes and errors, regarding ad suggestions, keywords and bids you should be careful and see if it suits you. Although Google is your ally to optimize your account, it also develops strategies to increase its turnover and depends on your acceptance or not to increase your investment, not always being a guarantee of a higher profit.


We hope this post has been helpful and we look forward to seeing you in the next ones 😉.

In the meantime, we suggest you try our tool that will help you decide on these suggestions and will give you much more valuable information, especially on ads.

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
January 11, 2024
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