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Manuel Arrufat
Updated on_
July 11, 2023

My name is Manuel Arrufat, I’m the founder and CEO at Dolnai.

I started working at Google in 2003, right after I completed my MBA…and believe me, back then I already knew quite a bit about business.

That MBA plus being an engineer are to blame, a risky combination that can make you become quite dumb.

Meanwhile you believe you’re just the opposite.

I’ve always been a lucky person and, as such, destiny wanted my Digital Marketing professor to be the chosen one for the task of launching Google in Spain, and me being part of the company.

Without much knowledge about the internet, digital marketing or even what a search engine was.

I didn’t even know Google was about to become one of the most important technological companies ever, and that I would end up growing personally and professionally there, meeting really interesting people and having fun along the way.

I applied for a job at that company because I got along quite well with my professor. Moreover, I was sure I still had a lot to learn from that guy.

I tend to make big decisions with the heart rather than the head.

That company might look cool but, honestly, after the “dotcom crash” I was aware that it all might go wrong overnight. After all, “dotcom companies” did not make any money at that time.

Everybody knew that.

But listen, on my very first day at Google I was able to see for myself the company revenue reports. I thought I was mistaking the scale or maybe those metrics had been wrongly reported. I didn’t believe those numbers could be real.

And they were real indeed.

I learned why afterwards.

Google provided something unseen in the advertising market: user auto-segmentation, which tells you what users want and all you have to do is just show it to them. Client companies were going to boost sales. At Google we just had to look for lots of client companies. The rest would come on its own.

And it did.

And we didn’t stop growing. And a lot was sold through Google AdWords. And Search Engine Marketing industry was born.

As this new industry became more and more sophisticated, new technologies and tools were needed to help those professionals become smarter. That caused another industry to rise: Marketing Technology (MarTech).

Years later, advertisers evolved and so did the technologies they use.

All of the ad spend in Google is bound (linked) to an ad click.

Your ads are 1 cm away from your competitors’.

If their ads are better, they will get the client.

And the sale.

Unlucky you…,maybe next time. You almost got it.

Crafting the best ads is vital.

And that is what Dolnai can help you with.

We help you create more and better converting ads.

Welcome, we are happy to show you how we can improve your responsive search ads.

Manuel Arrufat
Updated on_
July 11, 2023
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