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Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Advantages of Google Ads Search Campaigns

Cristina Jimenez Gomez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

Google Ads currently offers different types of campaigns to promote your brand online and reach a greater number of potential customers. The choice of the type of campaign depends on your objective as a company and the customer profile you are targeting.

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

Currently, the campaigns where it is commonly possible to advertise are Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App and Smart.  Well, and since recently we also have Performance Max.

In this post we are going to explain the advantages of Search Campaigns over the rest of modalities in the different sectors and the reasons why you should opt for this attractive option full of infinite opportunities.

Search campaigns, also known as Search, are shown to the user when he makes a query in a search engine through text ads, which are placed above and below the organic results displayed on the screen.

One of the great advantages derived from their positioning is that in many occasions they are camouflaged among the organic results and users are not aware that they are promoted content. Users will tend to trust our ad more because they do not always know that it is advertising content, which is often annoying or creates distrust. 

How and when are search campaigns activated in Google Ads?

These campaigns are only triggered by searches related to the content of your account, as long as the account is well optimized and negative. Users who are shown this content with their searches are qualified, as they have a real interest or need for the subject matter, therefore, appearing in the first positions of the results page is a unique opportunity to be perceived as the perfect option to solve their concerns and demands. 

Advantages of Google Ads Search Campaigns

Search campaigns are conversion-oriented, which translates into higher CTRs compared to other campaigns, such as Display. It is true that this is a very competitive environment, where it is necessary to optimize the account as much as possible, whatever your level of knowledge in this sector, Dolnai tools will help you to get the most out of your accounts.

Another advantage of search campaigns is the ease and speed with which you can manage them. The account structure is simple if it is well structured from the beginning. On the other hand, since the ads are in text format (Responsive Search Ad), no editing of images or videos is required, which saves a lot of time and does not require specific knowledge. In search campaigns you can easily update the content of your ads to the offer and promotions of the moment. You can do it mannually or through an Ad Creation tool.

If you get to write an attractive text that allows the company to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition, you will be in the "Top of Mind" of the consumer's mind without interrupting their activity on the network, which does happen in video campaigns.

In addition, in search campaigns you pay only for the clicks that your users make on your ads, this will allow you to achieve visibility without having to pay for it, a very interesting option for example in strategies with branding objective. 

If you manage to optimize your account completely, only those users who are really interested in your offer will click on it, achieving a higher conversion rate than other types of campaigns. The brand will not be perceived as an interruption or annoyance, but as a solution to the problems related to the search performed.

Cristina Jimenez Gomez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

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