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Ad Copies to increase your conversions on Google Ads

We scan your ad copies and replace them with more successful ones

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What is failing in your ads?

  • Which headlines are not shown by Google and need to be replaced

  • Fill out all 15 headlines in your Responsive Search Ads

  • Highlight mistakes, duplicates, blockages, lack of CTA and/or keywords in your RSAs

Dolnai AdCreator tool detecta los textos de bajo rendimiento en tus anuncios

Upgrade your Ads with fresh new Ad Copies

  • Complete ads, with sales messages. More text combinations so Google to choose the best

  • New text suggestions to inspire SEM Managers (10+ languages)

  • Texts that comply with Google policies on every sector

Stand out from competitors with engaging texts addressed to your clients

We analyze competitors' ad copies in order to stand out and make your ads more appealing.
We provide more attractive texts that offer added value

  • Get the user's click and beat competitors' ads

  • After all the bidding, targeting and structure stuff have been set up, the difference to get the click relies on the Ad Copy

  • Increase conversions by 10%

Dolnai AdCreator tool haciendo magia con los anuncios

Start today to improve your results!

Try our technology and discover how easy it is to boost your Ads performance

Semantic optimization in 10+ languages

The analysis of your ads is available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Polish, Arab and Catalan. This will further enhance your ads since the proposed headlines will be optimized for each language.

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Improve the Ad-Strength of your Responsive Search Ads

Our algorithms analyze the semantic ecosystem of the user path, from the search query, the keywords that trigger your ads and your landing pages, to ensure that we maximize the accuracy.

Improvement areas = $$$

Discover areas of improvement, in order of importance, to facilitate the organization of your team and the tasks to be performed. This way, they will be more efficient and your campaign performance will improve.

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Reviews from our users

Our clients optimize their accounts regularly with the objective of improving campaign results in less time

"Dolnai's technology provides a leap in quality in our RSA"

Ester Navarro

Search Chapter Head

"In addition to the good results we have achieved in our campaigns, we now have a more organized and efficient team"

David Marrodán

Marketing Online Director

"Dolnai allows us to save SEM management time that generate productivity"

Lucía Fernández

Head of Search

Start today to improve your results!

Try our technology and discover how easy it is to boost your Ads performance

It's like giving Super Powers to a SEM Team

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