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Maximizing Your Performance Max Campaign: A Guide to Excluding Brand Terms

Ángel Simancas
Updated on_
March 22, 2024

When it comes to optimizing Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads, delving into advanced settings can make a substantial difference in your campaign's effectiveness. One such feature that might not be on everyone's radar is the Brand Exclusions option within Performance Max Campaigns, another one is the Placements exclusion in PMax.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to leverage this powerful tool for a more targeted and impactful advertising strategy.

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Performance Max Campaign

Begin by logging into your Google Ads account and selecting the Performance Max campaign you want to fine-tune. The Brand Exclusions feature allows you to tailor your campaign's visibility concerning specific brand-related keywords, offering a more personalized approach.

Step 2: Access the Settings Tab

Once you're within your chosen Performance Max campaign, direct your attention to the 'Settings' tab. This is your control center for various configurations that can enhance the precision and efficiency of your campaign.

Performance Max Campaign Settings in Google Ads
Performance Max Campaign Settings in Google Ads

Step 3: Explore "Additional Settings"

Within the Settings tab, you'll find an option that opens up a realm of advanced possibilities— "Additional Settings." Click on this to unveil a set of features that go beyond the basics, including the Brand Exclusions tool.

Additional Settings in Performance Max Campaigns in Google Ads
Additional Settings in Performance Max Campaigns in Google Ads

Step 4: Activate Brand Exclusions

In the Additional Settings menu, look for the Brand Exclusions option. This is where you gain control over which brand-related terms trigger your ads. By excluding specific terms, you can refine your targeting, ensuring your Performance Max campaign reaches a broader yet more relevant audience.

Brand Exclusions in Performance Max Campaigns in Google Ads
Brand Exclusions in Performance Max Campaigns in Google Ads

Why Exclude Brand Terms?

Excluding brand terms in your Performance Max campaign can be strategic for several reasons:

  1. Wider Audience Reach: By excluding specific brand terms, your ads can reach users who may not be familiar with your brand but are interested in your products or services.
  2. Reduced Ad Spend on Brand Keywords: Save your budget for non-brand keywords, maximizing the impact of your Performance Max campaign where it matters most.
  3. Improved Targeting: Tailor your campaign to focus on users actively searching for products or services similar to yours, increasing the chances of conversions.


By following these simple steps, you can unlock the potential of Brand Exclusions in your Performance Max campaign.

This feature offers you greater control and flexibility in shaping your advertising strategy, allowing you to optimize your campaign for maximum impact.

As you embark on this journey, stay tuned for more insights and tips to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital advertising with Performance Max.

Do you feel like you don't have enough data about the performance of your PMax campaigns? Take a look at this blog post where we explain how to get performance metrics for PMax.

Your success in the online realm awaits!

Ángel Simancas
Updated on_
March 22, 2024
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