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Analyzing a Search Term report without dying in the process

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

Every SEM manager needs to review the dreaded Search Terms report to identify potential negative keywords in order to improve traffic quality and optimize the budget.

Additionally, this review allows you to discover new keywords by identifying search trends that are currently converting.

The problem is that this task is not only very tedious but also time-consuming. Many account managers end up either abandoning this task or leaving it incomplete, thereby allowing low-quality traffic into the account, especially if the account includes DSA (Dynamic Search Ads)campaigns or broad match keywords with few terms.

To help you digest the Search Term report and find negative keywords, Dolnai provides a tool called "Cloud Words".

This tool isolates all the unique words that appear in the report and displays them one by one in each row, showing the aggregation of various KPIs from all the searches in which they appeared. It also shows in which searches each term has been included and which keywords were triggered.

This way, instead of reading thousands of rows with repetitive terms, you only need to review unique words, allowing you to see their real impact on the account and in what context they appeared.

Cloud Words Tool by Dolnai Technology
Cloud Words Tool by Dolnai Technology

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023
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