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Striving for Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

Ángel Simancas
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

In today’s Digital Marketing world we all agree that ads have to be 10 out of 10 for them to succeed. Especially in Search Advertising, where an advertiser can’t afford to be not creative and not really grab the attention of the user, because someone else will.

When users perform search queries, they don’t necessarily read a full ad copy, so you really need to grab their attention in the headline and make sure that when they click through your ad, they find what they are looking for on your landing page. 

What matters is what your audience is typing into the search bar. Therefore, understanding the data that’s literally given to you, a total goldmine, will help you create stronger copy, stronger ads.

Artificial Intelligence is allowing Digital Marketers to look at other areas of accounts and be more strategic in a way that they probably wouldn't have done in the past.

Historically, and now more than ever, what's going on in marketing, is actually dedicating time to try change. 

If you are not, you definitely should be trying out new things.

Generative AI Tools

A.I. is the “hype” these days and a common topic all over the web. It’s obvious these technologies are a game-changer and we as marketers like to experiment with change.

Many Digital Marketers are now figuring out how to apply Generative Artificial Intelligence tools to their playbook in order to unleash limitless potential of their teams.

It’s quite obvious that the first idea that comes to mind is how to use ChatGPT for Google Ads. Actually there are already a few solutions out there that smart marketers are developing themselves (add-ons, scripts,...).

But it is not yet scalable and efficient when it comes to creating dozens or even hundreds of ads. Even if you are great at prompting, you will have to go ad by ad, copying and pasting over and over again from ChatGPT into Google Ads or a spreadsheet,...a nightmare.

Dolnai AdCreator is a generative A.I. tool designed specifically for Google Ads, which means that you can get AI-powered ad copies tailored to your ads and based on ad performance.

Creativity is the No. 1 skill we need in this industry.

Ángel Simancas
Updated on_
October 24, 2023
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