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Negative KW Issues

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
July 11, 2023

Adding Negative Keywords to your Google Ads account is an ideal way to avoid unqualified searches, redirect traffic to the right campaign or ad group and get qualified leads.

When negative is common not to check that the new negative KW does not block with the KWs included in the ad group, campaign or account where it is activated. This may be because the negative should not be included or because the KW that conflicts and is blocked by the added negative should not be located where it is. The same thing can happen when adding keywords, it is not usually seen if any of its terms will be affected by any negative.

Although Google's recommendations usually warn of this type of conflict with the warning "Remove Conflicting Negative Keywords".

Many SEM Managers trust that Google Recommedations warn about all conflicts, others do not even consult it frequently. 

From Dolnai we have discovered that not in all cases of blocked KW is warned by Google in the recommendations. By keeping Keywords blocked by refusals it is as if that Keyword does not exist, so it is vital to solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid losing traffic and consequently conversions.

To solve this problem, Dolnai includes a section where you are notified of ALL blocked KW so that you don't lose any sales opportunity. So we recommend you to check your account frequently, especially when adding KW or refusals.

Ready to check that your keywords are ready without without any problems?

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
July 11, 2023
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