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Google Ads Editor Latest Version 2.5: New Features Unveiled

Ángel Simancas
Updated on_
November 15, 2023

Google Ads Editor version 2.5 recent update comes packed with a slew of new features that promise to enhance the user experience and streamline the advertising process. Here's a closer look at some of the noteworthy additions:

1. App URL for App Install Ads

A significant enhancement for App Install Ads is the addition of app deep links through the App URL field, a feature akin to what App Engagement Ads have been offering. This addition simplifies the process of directing users to specific in-app content.

2. Automatically Created Assets in Ad Strength of Responsive Search Ads

To ensure the accuracy of Ad Strength results, the Ad Strength metric for responsive search ads will now factor in assets that are automatically generated. This update promises a more comprehensive evaluation of ad quality.

3. Asset Source Differentiation in Asset Reports

The asset reports now include an "Asset source" column. This column enables users to distinguish between assets that are automatically created by Google and those provided by the advertiser. It offers greater transparency and insights into the origin of assets.

4. Expanded Fields in Discovery Product Ads

Discovery product ads receive a boost with the addition of new fields. These include the capacity to include videos, a long headline, Path 1, and Path 2, providing more opportunities to create engaging and informative ad content.

5. In-Feed Video Ads Supported in Discovery Campaigns

Google's Editor now supports in-feed video ads within Discovery campaigns, combining the features of Discovery ads and responsive display ads. This update opens up creative possibilities for advertisers by enabling them to utilize engaging in-feed video formats.

6. Text Mode for Selecting Videos

Editor v2.4 introduces a versatile feature that allows users to switch between the video picker and text mode within the video asset library. With text mode, advertisers can enter raw video IDs, simplifying the process of selecting videos for their ads.

7. Campaign Level Broad Match Support

Editor now supports the campaign setting for broad match keywords. When enabled for a campaign, only broad match keywords can be added. Any pre-existing non-broad match keywords will be automatically changed to broad match.

8. Video View Campaigns

Editor now extends support to Video view campaigns, which are essentially Video campaigns employing the Target CPV bid strategy and offering multi-format video ads. This addition broadens the options available for video-focused advertising.

9. Search Themes in Performance Max Campaigns

A significant development is the support for Search Themes in Performance Max campaigns. This feature empowers advertisers to provide Google AI with valuable insights into customer search behavior and conversion-driving topics. It's a valuable addition for optimizing campaign performance.

10. Replace Text Tool for Product Groups

Advertisers now have a handy tool for replacing specific text elements across all components of a product group. This feature can be a time-saver, particularly for correcting consistent typos or errors across product groups.

11. Device Targeting in Discovery Campaigns

In Discovery campaigns, users can now enable mobile carrier targeting and apply campaign-level device bid adjustments for desktop, mobile, tablet, and TV. Bid adjustments are available at 0% and -100%.

12. Brand Settings for Search and Performance Max Campaigns

Editor now supports brand settings for both Search and Performance Max campaigns. These settings include brand restrictions for Search and brand exclusions for Performance Max, allowing for more precise targeting.

13. Dynamic Search Ads in Performance Max Campaigns

Editor introduces features related to Dynamic Search Ads in Performance Max campaigns. Advertisers can now seamlessly add Dynamic Search Ads, specify page feeds for Performance Max campaigns, and leverage webpage targeting within asset groups.

14. Ad Format Controls for Video Reach Campaigns

In Video reach campaigns, advertisers gain more control over ad formats. This includes the ability to choose between in-stream ads, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads, catering to their specific campaign goals.

15. Ad Group Level Location and Language Targeting for Demand Gen Campaigns

Demand Gen campaigns now offer the flexibility of configuring language and location targeting at the ad group level. Note that the level of targeting must be chosen during campaign creation and cannot be altered afterward.

16. Dynamic Search Ads to Performance Max Upgrade Tool

Google's Editor presents a tool that recommends upgrading Dynamic Search Ads campaigns to Performance Max. This tool streamlines the migration process and offers insights into campaign migration status and any issues that may need attention. After addressing these issues, recommendations can be applied in real-time.

These new features and improvements underscore Google's commitment to providing advertisers with a robust and versatile platform to enhance their advertising efforts. The updates aim to improve the user experience, streamline campaign management, and drive better results for businesses.

Read the original announcement from Google here.

Ángel Simancas
Updated on_
November 15, 2023
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