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Get Maximum Performance with Ad Extensions!

Cristina Jimenez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

Ad extensions are elements that optionally are shown below the ads and allow to complete the information, improving their performance and obtaining more conversions.  The main advantages they offer are:

  1. Increase your visibility🔎 in the network, by appearing under your ad it will take more space on the user's screen, limiting the available space and preventing competing content from appearing 😏(especially on mobile devices where the size is reduced) and capturing the attention of users. 
  2. Provide more relevant information and more varied content, increasing the likelihood of getting clicks or conversions without the need for them to visit the website 🏆.
  3. Be completely free.😀

Extensions only appear if Google considers that a better performance will be obtained and if the position of your ad is among the first and the ranking of the ad is good enough. There are different types of extensions, depending on what are the objectives of your account, below we explain what they are and what needs they satisfy:

  1. Location extension: help people find your location(s), a map to your location, or the distance to it. These may include a phone number or call button for mobile users.
  2. Product Extensions: By linking your Google Merchant account to Google Ads, product extensions allow you to enhance your products listing. This is a useful tool for any campaign in which you’re selling goods related to your target keywords.
  3. Sitelink Extensions: Useful for directing users to other pages on your website. They allow targets to choose where they would like to go. Making it easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for can increase your CTR significantly.
  4. Callout Extensions: A versatile extension with all sorts of uses, callout extensions are 25-character snippets used to highlight important selling points, sales or any other key points about your business, products, or services.
  5. Structured Snippets Extensions: useful for highlighting specific products, services, and features users may be looking for.Like sitelinks, you can select these manually or they can be dynamically applied by Google.
  6. Price Extensions: you can set cost expectations upfront, establishing transparency and helping build trust with searchers. As a result, users are more informed and more likely to buy by the time they hit your website.
  7. App Extensions: You can provide a download link in your text ad, app extensions make it easy for interested users to get yours – while allowing you to track downloads based on keywords.
  8. Promotion Extension: You can get more clicks from people searching for the best offers by using promotion extensions. It is useful to highlight sales and promotions, they appear below your ad and use the price tag icon or deal in bold. It is also possible to display up to two lines of copy with them to provide users with more information.
  9. Video Extensions: useful to show drive action below your video ad on the YouTube mobile app. Therefore you can extend your message beyond the primary video and keep viewers engaged.
  10. Image extensions: let you use relevant visuals to complement their text ads, helping drive performance.
  11. Call Extensions: searchers can call directly from your ad. They include a click-to-call phone number in your ad for mobile users. These conversions are tracked, allowing you to measure the value of your ads by the number of phone calls they generate. It can be included manually or Google can apply them automatically.
  12. Lead Form Extensions (New). Users can fill out a form and submit their contact information directly on the SERP.

Ad extensions can be set at the account, campaign and ad group level. As with ads, it is essential that you take care of spelling and that there are no redirection problems. You can also set start and end dates if the information they present is only valid for specific periods.

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Cristina Jimenez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023
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