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Find Negative Keywords Faster with Dolnai

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
January 3, 2024

Reading a search term report is often a real nightmare for SEM Managers, it takes a lot of time, it's boring and it's not easy to know the real impact of the keywords added as negative keywords in the account.

To help with this, Dolnai has launched Cloud Words algorithm. Where you can see each isolated term with its aggregated KPIs, so you'll finish adding Negative KeyWords much faster and you'll do it knowing how much money you could have saved and how much you'll save in the future. Plus, you'll get an account with cleaner traffic and increase your CTR and conversion rate.

Here's a video explaining what this calculation is about. Once you've watched it, try it on your account and stop wasting your budget.

If you prefer to read what we tell you in the video because you can't watch it, here's the transcript:

In this video, we're going talk about one of the most tedious and boring tasks SEM Managers face when optimizing their account. This task involves reviewing the traffic entering their account through their keywords or their dynamic ad groups (where the quality of the traffic is usually worse beuse it doesn't come from keywords). This task is essential to analyze the quality of the searches being bid-on and determine if they are interesting or if there are some that should be avoided so as not to waste budget.

Normally, the SEM Manager downloads and reviews each query from the search term report, reads it one by one, and selects the terms they are not interested in to add them as negatives at the account level. This way, you won't bid on those searches again that tarnish the quality of the traffic. This will improve the quality of the searches and avoid spending money again on terms not qualified for the account being analyzed.

There are common terms that are usually not interesting, although these depend on the account of course, like return, claim, fraud, foul words, etc.

Although this task brings great benefits to the account, it is not usually done as often as it should be because it takes a lot of time. To help you make this task easier and faster, Dolnai has developed a specific algorithm, called cloud words. This makes reading the search term report easier by isolating each of the unique words included in it.

Each row is a word accompanied to its right by the different KPIs shown on the screen to understand the real impact of these words in the period analyzed across the entire account. To the right of the KPIs, we can see the searches and keywords through which these terms have entered, to better understand their context and what type of traffic each word is attracting.  The words are ordered from highest to lowest cost, starting with those that have not converted.

To benefit from this calculation, the idea is to read the words in the first column and see if they are worth negating in the account as they attract unqualified traffic.

Once the report has been read and selected, we can get an idea of the money we would have saved if we had negated them before. This list of words to negate can be added directly in the Google Ads platform with broad match as negative words at the account level.

Thanks to Dolnai, there is no longer an excuse not to have clean traffic.

Try it on your account and see for yourself!

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
January 3, 2024

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