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Do You Know How Your Customers Search for the Services You Offer?

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
January 11, 2024

Understanding how your potential customers search for you and what words they use is crucial to create a winning strategy in your Google Ads account. By using keywords and ad messages that your potential customers can relate to.

92% of searches on Google are "long tail," and a large percentage of them are searches never made before, so the strategy of including keywords with one or two terms is insufficient.

The key is to find search patterns and turn them into keywords to not only get clicks but also a lower CPC (Cost Per Click).

But how do you detect these search patterns?

Analyzing a search term report is usually a rather tedious and ungrateful task. In addition, it is difficult to find these patterns by reading it because each row represents a different search.

Using other tools like Google's "KeyWord Planner" does not solve this problem either, because it is not very accurate, the proposed keywords are of very low quality and, most importantly, those keywords are not based on real search queries that happened in your Google Ads account.

To solve this problem, Dolnai has developed a series of tools to help you find these search patterns, with aggregated KPIs so you can analyze what works and what doesn't.

For this, you have:

N-gram 1

A list of unique words that have appeared in the search term report and aggregated KPIs so you can know the impact of each term.

The "Untargeted Terms" section filters the N-gram 1 that will show you the terms that are not included in any of the keywords in your account.

So, you can evaluate if this unintentional (untargeted) traffic is of poor quality and, therefore, you should avoid adding these terms as negative keywords or if, on the contrary, it is interesting traffic and it is worth including them among your new keywords.

N-gram 2

A list of combinations of 2 terms that have appeared in the search term report and aggregated KPIs so you can know the impact of each combination.

This way, you can analyze which combinations work in your account and in what order. For example, you may have included terms like "rent" and "mallorca" in your keywords without paying attention to the order in which they are. This algorithm will show you when a combination works better so you can add it as a keyword in different match types and thus get more conversions with less budget.

Feel free to try this "N-gram" analysis from Dolnai, included in the Cloud Words tool, and start optimizing your traffic and your keywords.

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
January 11, 2024
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