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An Excellent Ad Strenght does not Guarantee a Great Ad Performance

Cristina Jimenez Gomez
Updated on_
July 11, 2023
SEM Managers are looking for an excellent ad strength. 


According to Google, achieving it is a guarantee of a quality ad, which translates into a more eligible ad with the potential to get more clicks and conversions.

So, are we satisfied when we get that verdict?

Here's why it's not enough, although some suggested practices are recommended. 

Because, as you know, Google's goal is to bill more, it is in its interest to guide you and keep you investing, but not all its advice is the panacea to your problems.

Your ads are written for people, Google uses technology, it does not have feelings, its algorithm is not able to feel or interpret a text as people do, nor which triggers awaken their interest, but your customers can.

And that is why it is not enough to achieve an excellent.

Google's criteria to achieve this goal is to complete all titles and descriptions and, above all, to include many keywords. The theory sounds logical.

However, sometimes it is difficult to achieve the degree of excellence. These problems usually happen if:

  • Your keywords mention competitors that you shouldn't use in your ads or locations where you don't operate or don't want to mention.
  • Your keywords have misspellings on purpose but you would never mention them in the ad.
  • Your creative policies do not allow you to mention everything Google asks you to mention or force you to include varied information very different from what is suggested.
  • To achieve excellent ad strength you are left with very redundant and repetitive texts that do not mention the information you want to include.

If you follow Google's guidelines you will only get your customers confused or have unreadable ads that sound fake to people, i.e. made by a machine. You want to arouse the feeling of need and curiosity for them to click, not pass a meaningless quality test.

That's why in Dolnai we have another approach for you to get the best ads and to be well scored by Google, always giving priority to get varied and attractive texts so that users remember you for your ability to seduce. 

We recommend completing all the titles and descriptions mentioning several keywords, the brand if possible, include various calls to action, offers, promotions, benefits and features of the service or product, social proof, etc.. In conclusion, varied texts that together are not repetitive and make sense.

It is true that checking all these requirements is a long and tedious task, that's why we encourage you to try Dolnai's Ad Creator, which will write or improve your adaptive search ads. You will get more complete and varied ads and will replace the assets that are less valued by Google. In this way, you will get quality ads that attract your audience continuously optimized and with a good acceptance by Google.

For more information about Google Ads and best practices continue reading our posts on How to Manage a Google Ads Account.

Cristina Jimenez Gomez
Updated on_
July 11, 2023

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