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Spellcheck Keyword

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

Sometimes, especially in large Google Search Ads accounts, there are KeyWords with misspellings that end up being added to the account.

Although it is common for users to make spelling mistakes in their searches, even more so when they do it from mobile devices, it is advisable to have the keywords in the account spelled correctly. Google accepts misspelled search terms that are very similar to the keywords to be triggered, just as they do whith search queries that have some variations such as gender, numbers or abbreviations.

Depending on the match type, Google will accept more or less variations in KeyWord terms. With the new updates, Google's criteria is more lax in all types of match types, especially in Broad Match.

KeyWord Match Types in Google Ads
KeyWord Match Types in Google Ads

It is very common in large or branding accounts to include, on purpose, KeyWords with variations and misspellings that users usually type. The purpose of this technique is to match the search to a keyword in each case. It is also very common to create specific Ad Groups with this type of casuistry and identify them with names such as "misspelling".

Depending on the account strategy and the specific case it could be an interesting approach. However it would be necessary to monitor a possible KeyWord cannibalization, one  way to avoid this problem would be to apply Cross-KeyWord-Negativization by ad group or campaign. 

Another of the most common mistakes is to include KeyWords bearing the same term several times (KeywWords with duplicated terms). Although it's true that sometimes that would be the correct KeyWords (i.e. tuk tuk), these are usually mistakes, therefore it is very likely that these KeyWords never get traffic. 

It is important to always take care of KeyWord spelling (especially when the ad text includes KeyWord insertion) because if a misspelled KeyWord is triggered, this KeyWord will appear in the ad providing a bad experience to the user.

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Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023
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