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SEM Management

Optimizing Keyword Structure

Ricardo González
Updated on_
April 18, 2024

You might believe that your account has all the keywords perfectly sorted without any conflicts or issues, butthese problems are more common than we think. Particularly in large accounts, which have been managed by several people over time, that have changed strategy in their structure, where significant changes are made or scripts and automations are used.

If keywords are not properly monitored, it will lead to an increase in CPC (Cost Per Click) and a reduction in CTR (Click Through Rate). There are several issues and conflicts, including:

The most common issue in accounts is having duplicate keywords. These will compete for the same searches, disperse traffic, and increase the CPC. They can be:

  • Keywords that are identical or in broad match with terms in different order, always in the same campaign and audience.
  • They may or may not belong to the same ad group. If they do, it is advisable to pause the one with lower quality traffic or poorer quality score.
  • If they belong to different ad groups, the SEM Manager must decide which one fits better and pause it in the group where it should not be.

Another common problem is match type issues, such as accidentally inserting quotes and brackets typical of phrase and exact match in the middle of the keyword, among other errors. These mistakes can make the keyword ineligible.

It is also not unusual in large accounts or when using tools to add keywords for the same terms to be repeated, making it unlikely that any real user will conduct that search.

Manually spotting these errors is complete almost impossible. To help you, Dolnai has developed a tool called Keyword Optimization that will automatically display and help you correct these issues to keep your account in top shape.

Reduce your CPC and improve your CTR with Dolnai. Enhance your keywords, detect duplicate keywords, match type problems, etc.

Connect your account to Dolnai and see for yourself the improvements you can make in your account.

In the following video we show you how Dolnai can help you to optimize the structure of your keywords and suggests recommendations when it finds a conflict.

In the video, we will see a specific example: in pair 6 we can see that the keyword "seguro coche 4x4" appears in two ad groups, one generic for cars and another specific for 4x4s. It is suggested to pause it in the generic ad group, even if it hasn't had traffic in the period, so that when it does, it enters through an ad that mentions 4x4.

As a SEM Manager, you should review all cases to find which ones should be paused, an action that is very easy to implement with Google Ads Editor.

Another problem that can occur are match type errors. These are indicated in the match type column where the specific issue is mentioned; it could be an extra bracket, missing quotes, a missing space, etc.

In row 30 there is an example where the keyword "seguro para moto 325]" has an incorrect bracket in the middle, in the corrected keyword column we have it corrected.

In all rows where match type errors occur, the SEM Manager should check them, pause them, and add the corrected keyword if it does not already exist.

Lastly, Dolnai detects keywords that contain the same term repeated several times. This issue usually occurs in accounts that concatenate several values to create long tail keywords.

We can see an example in row 24 where the keywords are seguro 4x4 barato 4x4. The term 4x4 is repeated twice and should be removed at one of the instances, plus we can see that it hasn't had traffic either in the period or in the year, as it's unlikely someone would search like that.

As an account manager, just as in the rest of the cases, you should review each row and pause those that are incorrectly written and add them correctly.

After addressing each of the detected problems, you will see how the traffic in your account will be better structured, the CPC may decrease, and it will also be an easier account to manage having reduced the number of keywords

Ricardo González
Updated on_
April 18, 2024
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