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Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

Would you like to understand how Google evaluate ads?

For advertising in Google, the advertiser buys on a bidding system for the searches performed by the user that activates a keyword that has an ad assigned to it. To get a visit on the website the user must click on the ad. 

Although it may seem simple, there are two key points:

  • Appear in the first positions so that the user sees you.
  • The text must be attractive and appealing

How to appear in the first positions?

After a Google search, organic searches (free) and SEM searches appear. There are usually 11 desktop ads and 5 mobile ads. It is obvious that it is essential to appear in the first 3 positions. To do this it is necessary to optimize the bidding system and optimize the quality score of the account, and that is where the secret comes ...., it's not all about money.

But what is the quality score, how does it work and how to improve it?

The quality score is the valuation given by Google, although in the KPIs of the interface it only refers to the keywords, it is the relation between keyword-advertisement-LP.  Improving your score will decrease your CPC and make you appear in the first results. Your landing page must be optimized and the CTR of the account will also be taken into account.

For years, there have been different formulas to give more or less weight to each factor, although it was never confirmed by Google, who knew how to keep it secret. What is undeniable is that all of them must be taken into account.

In theory, Google rewards those who bet on automated strategies and gives a special weight to responsive ads. 

Therefore, from Dolnai we recommend to keep up to date with Google's news and study its recommendations and assess whether they are really profitable. On the other hand, you should pay attention to responsive ads, complete them with valuable information and review them to analyze their performance and optimize them. One of the tasks is to replace the worst performing texts with new creatives that offer valuable information.

These actions involve a great deal of analysis and implementation time and a lot of imagination to create valuable copies. To make your life easier, save time and improve your results, we recommend you to try Dolnai's AdCreator tool, which will solve these tasks in minutes.

Cristina Jiménez Gómez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023
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