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How to Download the Auction Insigths Report

Ricardo González
Updated on_
September 13, 2023

Step-by-step guide to download the auction insigths report of the new Google Ads platform

To do this we will need to go to the drop-down menu to the left of your screen and click on Insights & Reports, and then on Report Editor.

Now, to the right of the predefined reports we click on view all. Scroll down all the way to the Auction Insights section and select “Search-Keyword". 

Now here on the right side, it's very important not to forget to add the following 3 IDs: Keyword ID, Campaign ID, and Ad-group ID. (It doesn’t matter in what order you do it.)

Next, select the dates on which you want to run your report. These have to coincide with the ones you will select later in the Dolnai platform. For this explanation, I will pick the first half of June. Now we download the report in the following format “cv.gz”

For comparison purposes, we need to also download the report of the previous period. For this, we only need to click on the left arrow and the dates automatically change . We download the previous report in the same format ”cv.gz”.

That’s it. Now we have the reports to be submitted to the Dolnai platform in order to run the competitor analysis or a full report including competitors.

Ricardo González
Updated on_
September 13, 2023

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