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How Many Impressions Do My Competitors Have?

Manuel Arrufat
Updated on_
January 11, 2024

Are we overlapping Impressions in many auctions?

Who is getting a better return on investment?

Are they bidding on my brand?

In which campaigns?

There are many questions, similar to the above mentioned, that arise around our competitors. And Google provides us with valuable information through the Auction Insights Report. However, it shows such information with many percentages which are ambiguous and difficult for a human to understand.

And of course, we eventually stop looking at this data.

Look at an example,

Imagine I have 15,000 Impressions and the following KPIs regarding my competitor:

  • 33% Outranking Share
  • 74% Overlap Rate
  • 46,4% Position Above Rate
  • 69% Top of Page Rate
  • 28% Absolut Top of Page Rate

Am I doing a good job at managing this campaign?

Is there any room for improvement?

A priori I would say that I don’t know.

I have no idea.

The truth is that it sounds kind of like “The party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part…”

What if I could see my competitors' REAL Impressions?

In absolute value.

All of them together in one graph.

Like this?

Google Ads Competitors Impressions (Dolnai AdCreator graph)
Competitors Impressions (Dolnai AdCreator graph)

And, what if I could see a comparison with each of them?

*Click on any of the competitors in the graph below to interact


Would it be possible to see them one by one?

Google Ads Competitors One by One Battle (Dolnai AdCreator graph)
Competitors One by One Battle (Dolnai AdCreator graph)


Well, now I’d love to see the absolute number of Impressions where I overlap with each competitor:

Google Ads Overlap Impressions per Competitor (Dolnai Adreator graph)
Overlap Impressions per Competitor (Dolnai Adreator graph)

You're in luck, because you can get these graphs and some more with Dolnai Technology.

Although, I’ll tell you something…

This is interesting, but it is not the end goal.

We didn’t build this just for that.

We wanted to go further.

Our tool allows you to detect all the opportunities to grow your account.

But how?

Quite easy, our algorithms find KeyWords with high growth potential in Impression Share and for which you are having good KPIs.

Lost opportunities that you can’t see otherwise.

Yes, you trust Smart Bidding, but no one had ever told you that all these KeyWords and Campaigns were underperforming.

Google Ads Los Opportunities (Dolnai AdCreator graph)
Google Ads Los Opportunities (Dolnai AdCreator graph)

And you can see this at KeyWord level if you wish.

Check it out here.

Manuel Arrufat

P.S: You will also be able to see which competitors have either stopped or started participating in the same auctions as you do in a given period at campaign level.

Manuel Arrufat
Updated on_
January 11, 2024

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