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Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Get Original Ads with Selling Messages

Ricardo González
Updated on_
September 18, 2023

Are you concerned about the CTR of your account's ads?

Are you sure that each ad group has enough variety of texts to differentiate what they offer from the rest? Or do all your ads speak almost about the same thing?

As you may already know, to get a conversion on Google Ads, the user's search must trigger a keyword that displays an ad referring to the product they've searched and expect to find. If they click, it should take them to a website where they can find what they need. If not, you won't convert and the click will be lost.

If the texts of your ads are very similar, you won't manage to catch the user's attention because you're not mentioning the specific characteristics they're looking for. In addition, each ad must appeal to these attributes in various ways so that Google can choose which ones to display and in what combination.

This creative task takes a lot of time and energy from the SEM Manager. Dolnai helps you understand the variety of your texts and will suggest new messages for you to test and improve the quality of your ads and the user experience, leading to more conversions.

When creating ads in Google Ads, we must ensure that each ad talks about the specific features of the ad group it belongs to. It's important to fill all available spaces with texts that add value and stand out from the competition, and for these to not get confused with messages from other ad groups.

Often, account managers work on a carefully planned structure to differentiate our products and services or to whom we are addressing. But when it comes to creating ads, we fill them with almost identical messages that sound very flat.

Then, what's all the work for in creating this structure?

If you're not talking to the specific customer profile, how do you expect them to click on the ad and get encouraged to convert?

Don't worry, this happens to more SEM Managers than you think, not to mention almost all of them, as good ideas and time are scarce resources and we're aware of it.

For this, Dolnai has designed an ad creator that analyzes your account in depth so you can understand your situation:

Firstly, it will show you a graph like this where you will see among other KPIs your coverage (percentage of complete assets of your ads) and your diversity (the percentage of unique texts in your account). The ideal coverage is 100%, which you can achieve if you apply the text suggestions for your ads that Dolnai will show you later.

The diversity percentage shown in the example is 3%, which is extremely low, but this can also be improved with new suggestions.

Deep Analysis of your Ads

In the New Responsive Search Ads section, you'll find your ads with new suggestions to replace the assets that were repeated, missing, or had no impressions. These suggestions are based on the content of your account and your website, the style of your messages, your structure, and other algorithms based on millions of data that have been learning what messages sell more for the specific account.

You will no longer have to fill in and think about these texts one by one, but review the proposals, edit the ones you don't like, and upload them directly to the platform with Google's Editor since Dolnai's platform presents them to you in a web format and another downloadable Excel format so you can work peacefully.

Analysis of your Current Responsive Search Ads

In addition, this ad creator generates texts in different languages even if there are several within the same account.

Try it on your account and free yourself from the burden of spending hours trying to optimize what Dolnai can do for you in seconds.

Ricardo González
Updated on_
September 18, 2023

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