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Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Achieve 2940 Combinations in Each RSA

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

Before the arrival of responsive search ads (RSA), a great practice was to have at least three expanded text ads per ad group. Then, Google would choose the best ad it deemed suitable based on the search, the user, and other variables of its algorithm.

Now it is no longer possible to add or modify expanded text ads. With this new ad format, Google continues to be the one who chooses which texts to show based on the search.


Responsive search ads are composed of 15 headlines and 4 descriptions to be filled alongside all other valuable information in order to earn clicks. Instead of choosing the ad, Google selects the combination of headlines and descriptions for each search query.

Then, each ad has a sum of 2940 possible headline combinations, as long as the headlines and description sheet is completely full. Filling all of these texts with good-quality copies can sometimes become tedious. But, if you don’t do it properly, the number of possible combinations will be drastically reduced. In addition to not being able to create the optimal ad combination for each search, Google will value your ad less and opt to display a better ad from the competition over yours.

Responsive Search Ads combinations per number of headlines
Responsive Search Ads combinations per number of headlines

Optimization difference according to the type of ad?

Before this change, SEM Manager had to run updates for each expandable text ad in the following cases:

  • Changing titles or descriptions with novelties or sales.
  • If the click-through rate (CTR) of the ad is bad, by trying new copies to improve its performance.
  • Fit text to mobile devices so that important information is shown.
  • Include calls to action with a hook.

Responsive search ads, also need optimization and a follow-up. Because this type of ad is longer, this task is often perceived as a burden. Many SEM Managers admit they struggle to come up with 15 high-quality and combinable headlines, so they tend to give up half way or prefer to fix the positions of the headlines. All of these practices limit Google's ability to test text combinations. As a result, the full potential of the algorithm to find winning text combinations for each search is not fully taken advantage of.

Responsive Search Ads Combinations when less than 15 headlines
Responsive Search Ads Combinations when less than 15 headlines

On the other hand, SEM Managers tend to conclude that once the RSA is complete, it is no longer necessary to make further changes. This is mainly due to the significant amount of time it takes to analyze and implement modifications, at most an update on specific sales. This causes the ad to be forgotten, and its optimization level to drop.

Thanks to Dolnai´s AdCreator, not only will you automatically get 15 headlines that are appropriate for your ad. but it will also track the worst-performing headlines and suggest new creative ideas to improve them. Its specially designed format allows for quick uploading to the Google Editor.

This tool allows you to take advantage of all the benefits that Google offers with RSA to find the ideal text without the need to invest a large amount of time. It simply requires checking the suggested texts and dedicating the rest of the day to higher-value tasks.

If you want to save a lot of time and get winning ads, try AdCreator and find out how.

Cristina Jiménez
Updated on_
October 24, 2023

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