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How to dramatically improve your results in Google Ads by analyzing the data that has not been analyzed

Automation in Google Ads management is great and we love it, but we need to understand that it takes away some control.

Implementing it blindly means giving Google the car´s keys and steering wheel, trusting that it will take us to the best place in the most efficient way.

The price to pay is that I have fewer management levers, which leads me to wonder if my goals and theirs are 100% aligned.

The answer is easy:

They are not.

They charge and you pay the bill.

Google is interested in you paying more. On the other hand, you are interested in paying as little as possible.

It's like giving your credit card to Amazon and telling Alexa to buy everything she thinks you need for your home. Can you imagine such foolishness?

You would end up with every room filled with furniture, the walls of portraits, shelves packed with books, and closets with clothes.

When in reality, you don´t need, want, or like most of it, all passing through the cash register.

Our mission at Dolnai is to help you achieve better results.

Dolnai allows you to see hidden improvement opportunities among all the data at your disposal.

Profitable Opportunities.

1. X-Ray of your Ads

You will see a detailed image of your ads, headlines, and descriptions:

   - Everything you have
   - Everything that is missing
   - What to prioritize in order to give your ads a proper effective boost

Here we can see an account with 75 Ad Groups, from which 42 of them do not possess RSA (responsive search ads), and only have ETAs (Expanded Text Ads).

Ad Radiography (Dolnai AdCreator)
Ad Radiography (Dolnai AdCreator)

Straight away we can see that you have 75 AdG, 33 with RSA, and 42 without RSA. This gives you a total of 1125 headlines, of which 495 correspond to the AdG that already have RSA and 630 headlines from the 42 AdG with ETA only.

From the 495 headlines, only 451 are filled. Meaning a coverage of 80%. From these, only 87 are unique. The rest have been multiple times.

2. Areas of improvement in your ads

 By analyzing in detail each link in the chain that represents your creative assets in your account, we will be able to focus on improving them.

We will be able to discern what I have and where I am failing:

Areas to improve in ads (Dolnai AdCreator)
Areas to improve in ads (Dolnai AdCreator)

3. Distribution of Ads by Ad Strength

You will be able to see how many of your ads are classified as Poor, Average, Good, or Excellent on behalf of Google.

Number of ads by ad strength
Number of ads by Ad Strength

4. Performance by Ad Strength

In general, ads with higher Ad Strength tend to perform better in terms of Costs per Click (CPC) and Conversions per Acquisition (CPA), so we should strive to improve them to reduce our acquisition cost and increase our conversion volume.

In this case, we observe that ads marked as Excellent, which make up 27% of the total, achieve 41% of impressions, 29% of the total cost, and generate 58% of the account's conversions.

Performance by Ad Strength
Performance by Ad Strength

5. RSA → Breakdown by ads

After reading the previous analysis, you would want to see the current ads. Finding out the following results:

Responsive Search Ad breakdown by ad (Dolnai AdCreator)

Here you can see in full detail All of your account´s ads and every single of its headlines and descriptions, collecting:

  • The ones that never show up because dear Mr. Google does not want to. And you had no idea this was going on.
  • Duplicated ones within the same ad where you are using the same message.
  • Pinned texts that are blocking others and preventing them to be used.

All of this with one click. With no need to check every single ad separately to analyze what is not working and what needs to be changed.

Just because of this feature, many advertisers purchase our product.

We help them save hours with these tasks and it generates high profitability.

6. New RSA → Solution

By applying our technology, which took us years to develop and some say it's "MAGIC," you will receive a suggestion for new ads that will improve what was holding you back from shining.

Getting you closer and closer to excellence.

What happened?

We have looked at all the areas where you needed improvement and crossed them with our AI, which generated messages that convert more. We take into account information such as:

   - Your web
   - Landing Page
   - More relevant keywords
   - We´ll add CTAs
   - Your way and style of communication
   - Lack of certain creative angles
   - Approaches that work
   - Current sales and discounts

This way we will replace your low-quality headlines and descriptions (According to Mr Google) that never show up.

The empty slots, regardless of the reason, will also be filled.

Blocked texts that were not showing up due to other pinned ones will be released and become available for use.

We will replace the duplicates. I´m not referring to identical ones, because Google does not permit RSA with the same texts, but those that emphasize the same message, with small tweaks or variations.

Optimized Responsive Search Ads with Dolnai AdCreator

All of this is because of adding new approaches to your formula, trained with millions of parameters, signals, and variables from your industry and other sectors where you can make use of creative messages that you were not using before. Providing as a result:

  • Fresh content
  • Variability
  • Action
  • Learning
  • Experience

All of the above mentioned allows Google to get the most out of its star advertising format, Responsive Search Ads.

And you'll benefit from it.

Winning is very easy.

Welcome to the revolutionary new technology of Google Ads.

Thank you!

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