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Dolnai Tool 'Lost Oppportunities' for Google Ads


What's Lost Opportunities?

  • Selection of Keywords that have the potential to convert better with simple strategy changes.

  • Budget escape points that can be used for profitable Keywords.

What is Dolnai 'Lost Opportunities Tool' for Google Ads

Why Lost Opportunities?

Google's automation and the loss of control over bids and traffic acquisition methods make it necessary to review the performance of keywords to understand which ones are performing well and should be enhanced, and which ones are attracting low-quality traffic.

Advantages of using Lost Opportunities

Detect significant improvement opportunities with a click and save hours of in-depth analysis of your account's elements. Get immediate results.

Advantages of using Dolnai 'Lost Opportunities Tool' for Google Ads

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In 5 sections, Dolnai will make a selection of keywords where you can analyze their performance to redistribute the budget and redefine the strategy of your campaigns based on your goals.

These clusters will provide visibility on where you can boost your results.

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Solutions for Google Ads: Dolnai 'Lost Opportunities Tool'
Wasted Budget

Keywords where you are investing budget without results. Evaluate whether it makes sense to keep them or if the traffic they generate is of quality.

Expensive Sales

Keywords that are generating conversions that are too expensive for your account. Assess whether it is worth keeping them or if any of their associated elements need to be changed.

Unproductive Traffic

Shows non-profitable traffic as the ROAS is <1.

Cheap Leads

Keywords that are converting at a good price and can be enhanced to capture more traffic.

High Opportunity Niches

Keywords that have lost conversions due to insufficient budget allocation.

How does Lost Opportunities work?

List of your Keywords distributed across different algorithms:
   a) Wasted Budget
   b) Expensive Sales
   c) Unproductive Traffic
   d) Cheap Leads
   e) High Opportunity Niches

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