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Dolnai Cross Negative KeyWords tool for Google Ads


What's Cross Negative KeyWord?

  • Algorithm that analyzes how traffic is distributed among different Ad Groups.

  • Detection of Negative Keywords to direct traffic to the most suitable Ad Group for the search.

  • Increases ad relevance, CTR (Click-Through Rate) and Conversion Rate.

Dolnai Conflict Negative KeyWords tool for Google Ads

Why Cross Negative KeyWord?

Google's algorithm doesn't always make you bid for the most relevant Ad Group's Keyword in response to a search.

  • Searches in your account are not entering through the most appropriate Ad Group

  • As a result, the specific ad that appeals to the search won't be displayed

  • Hence, the probability of getting the click and conversion will decrease

Advantages of using Cross Negative KeyWord

  • Get to display relevant ads for the specific search

  • Make sure that the traffic is distributed according to the structure you've designed in your account

  • Avoid showing very generic ads if there is a specific ad for the search

Dolnai KeyWord Miner tool for Google Ads

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Cross Negative Keywords complete your account structure with Negative Keywords to ensure that the most appropriate Keyword is activated, and thus, the most relevant ad is displayed.

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Dolnai Solutions for Google Ads

How does Cross Negative KeyWord work?

When the same search in your account triggers Keywords from various Ad Groups, the algorithm analyzes which one is the most suitable and suggests a Negative Keyword to channel the traffic through the most relevant AdGroup.

Areas for Improvement = €€€s

  • Reduce your CPC

  • Increase the CTR

  • Boost Conversions

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