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We provide a view of your competitors at Keyword level matched with your performance KPIs to find hidden opportunities to outperform your competitors

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Knowing what your competitors do is key

Take advantage of your competitors' data in those Keywords you are getting traffic from.

New competitors

Monitor the entry of new competitors as soon as possible in order to take action on time.

Keywords with potential

Shed light over untapped keywords to take advantage of its potential performance ahead of your competitors.

Based on your own data

We differentiate ourselves from other tools by analyzing competition based on your own data; meaning, we show you reality and not estimates.

Opportunities that you cannot obtain otherwise.
Break down the data of the specific competitors that concern you the most.

Among thousands of Keywords it is difficult to detect those where a competitor is not present or is very weak. Find those that generate high revenue or a low cost of conversion and that, at the same time, have low competition.

High revenue

Keywords that generate high revenue and have low competition.

Low cost

Low cost-of-conversion keywords that have low competition.


Quickly detect competitive advantages

Competitors at Keyword level

Monitor your competitors with the level of granularity that keyword level analysis allows.

Even if you have Smart Bidding strategies, in Google Search you always pay for clicks on Keywords. So it is necessary to understand what is really happening.
Gather the data of different accounts that belong to your business group to analyze their behavior as a whole.

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