What's included in the new Specialist plan?

Ads Radiography

Get a global view of your ads. Find metrics like 'Coverage' and 'Diversity'...and what's more important, where's the untapped potential.

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Dolnai Tools for Google Ads API

Cloud Words

  • Find Search Terms not included in any of your KeyWords.

  • "N-gram Analysis" where you can see every unique word of your Search Term report with its aggregated KPIs.

  • Quickly find search patterns.

  • Reduce your hidden spend in irrelevant terms.

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KeyWord Miner

  • Expand your account with keywords that your customers are searching for.

  • Suggestion of new converting keywords.

  • Lower your CPC by adding keywords that resemble your customers' searches.

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Dolnai KeyWord Miner tool for Google Ads
Dolnai Cross Negative KeyWords tool for Google Ads

Cross Negative KeyWords

  • Algorithm that analyzes how traffic is distributed among different Ad Groups.

  • Detection of Negative Keywords to direct traffic to the most suitable Ad Group for the search.

  • Increases ad relevance, CTR (Click-Through Rate) and Conversion Rate.

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Brand Query Controller

  • Brand Query Controller will alert you when a search mentioning your brand enters through a generic Keyword.

  • Oftenly, Google (improperly) triggers a generic Keyword for a brand-related search.

  • Reduce your spending by compelling Google to activate the brand Keyword, with CPCs lower than the generic Keyword.

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Dolnai Brand Query Controller tool for Google Ads
Dolnai Conflict Negative KeyWords tool for Google Ads

Conflict Negative KeyWords

  • Avoid errors in Negative KeyWord implementation.

  • Detect the existence of KeyWords that are being blocked due to the presence of a negative term in the same AdGroup.

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Reviews from our users

Our clients optimize their accounts regularly with the objective of improving campaign results in less time

"Dolnai's technology provides a leap in quality in our RSA"

Ester Navarro

Search Chapter Head

"In addition to the good results we have achieved in our campaigns, we now have a more organized and efficient team"

David Marrodán

Marketing Online Director

"Dolnai allows us to save SEM management time that generate productivity"

Lucía Fernández

Head of Search


Here are the most frequent questions that we usually answer. If you still have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Dolnai?

Dolnai Technology is a Deep Tech company dedicated to software development based on Artificial Intelligence, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning applied to ad creation  and campaign optimization in Google Ads.

How do I know Dolnai is right for me?

If you manage campaigns in Google Ads, this is your solution. Dolnai helps you create ads with unlimited creative texts. Moreover, it helps you with ad optimization thanks to the detection of low-performing headlines, which is practically impossible to do manually.

How can I request a demo?

Fill in the demo application form on this website and we will get in touch with you quickly so that you can start a free trial.

How can I  subscribe to a plan?

Get in touch with us through any of the forms in our website and we will help you throughout the sign-up process. You will soon be able to get the most out of this technology.

If I subscribe to a plan and I want to cancel it, how can I do it?

If you have a monthly subscription plan, you can cancel it at any time before the expiration of the current month; since there is no lock-in period. In case you have an annual subscription plan, you can still request a non-renewal by notifying us prior to the expiration of the subscription period.

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