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Semantic optimization in 10+ languages

The analysis of your ads is available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. This will further enhance your ads since the proposed headlines will be optimized for each language.

Improve the Ad-Strength of your Responsive Search Ads

Our algorithms analyze the semantic ecosystem of the user path, from the search query, the keywords that trigger your ads and your landing pages, to ensure that we maximize the accuracy.

Improvement areas = $$$

Discover areas of improvement, in order of importance, to facilitate the organization of your team and the tasks to be performed. This way, they will be more efficient and your campaign performance will improve.

Benefit from all these extra features

Avoid Cannibalization

Prevent your Ad Groups from competing with each other and gain control over the ads triggered by each search query. We will show you negative keywords to be added due to a more especific keyword being active in another Ad Group.

Optimize your keywords

We will show you a list of keywords to optimize, surfacing the duplicates (targeting the same audience) and recommending which ones should be paused based on their performance.

Know your Customers

We analyze the user path so that you can better understand the search context. We find new keywords based on how this search is carried out.

Funnel down the traffic

Discover how traffic is distributed to funnel it down optimally towards the most qualified Ad Groups according to the user's search intention.

Analyze the competitors

Based on your own Google Ads data, follow closely what your competitors are doing. Forget about estimates, or speculations like other tools do.

Improve Landing Pages

Analyze your landing pages to surface those URLs that need to be optimized due to 404 errors, redirections, lack of https or other exit codes to be reviewed.

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