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Copies to improve your ROAS on Google Ads

Find the right messages that drive sales from your Audience. Upgrade the poor ones and boost conversions by +10%


Optimize your RSAs Automatically

Enjoy a new way of creating Ads that
will boost your creative skills

Copy is Key

The aim of Search Ads is to captivate potential clients that click through to your website.
Creativity makes the difference.

Varied Speech

Say goodbye to the frustration of running out of ideas for your copies. We enrich the variety of messages you can use in your ads.

Boost Opportunities

Even excellent RSAs have low performing headlines which Google disregards.

Manually Unfeasible

Detection and replacement of low performing headlines manually takes an average of 8 minutes per ad.

Continuous improvement

  • Automatically detects the Low Perfoming Headlines in each RSA

  • Substitutes them for varied and creative best selling texts

  • You will be more relevant for all of your client segments

Change your Role

  • You'll no longer have to write hundreds of copies from scratch

  • Forget having to analyze every headline in each RSA

  • Your job will become more strategic

Boost your conversions

We analyze your competitors to make your ads more appealing.
Our tool will provide you better messages to captivate customers

  • To be eligible for more queries

  • You will get more relevant impressions

  • And will increase +9% your Conversions

What do our customers say?

Our customers have already improved their campaign results

"Dolnai's technology provides a leap in quality in our RSA"

Ester Navarro

Search Chapter Head

"In addition to the good results we have achieved in our campaigns, we now have a more organized and efficient team"

David Marrodán

Marketing Online Director

"Dolnai allows us to save SEM management time that generate productivity"

Lucía Fernández

Head of Search

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Barkibu, Pet health Leader

Their conversions grew 16% since they started using AdCreator by Dolnai. Discover how they achieved it

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